Lynnmour PAC Meeting Minutes – November 19th, 2018

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PAC Meeting Agenda

November 19, 2018

Chair: Tamara Hung

  • Welcome
  • Principal’s Report (10 min) see report
  • Alison Sharpe – Growth Mind Set (10 mins)
  • Treasurer’s Report & Approve 2018 Budget (35min)
  • discussed bus fees and do we need to increase ($2376) to obtain $0.0 balance
  • add account at bottle depot. Eva will go and set up.
  • Kristine will look for last years flyer. send one home with the students.
  • Dan to go grab items for the bottle drive along with posters
  • NVSD- class room furniture $5000 to get for classrooms.
  • Wish list items- possible electric piano and PE items to be added in future
  • Add Bingo Night to community engagement
  • Look into babysitting possibility for Spring Fling
  • create out of budget column for anything we are uncertain of (trait crates, Big House, math & sciences)
  • Consider moving some items to Gaming side?
  • increase bottle drive to $400, Cobs increase to $85
  • send a direct email re: Funscript
  • Revised budget APPROVED. all in favor
  • Voluntary Dissolution of Incorporated Society (10 min)
    • According to the BCCPAC (British Columbia Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils) website at “PACs are NOT required to register as a non-profit or under the BC Societies Act.  As an autonomous body, the PAC must abide by its Constitution and Bylaws and the School Act.”

Possible Benefits:

      • An unincorporated association cannot hold property.
      • It is difficult to bring or defend a lawsuit without a corporate personality.
      • You may not be able to get insurance.
      • There are no dispute resolution mechanisms.
      • You may be ineligible for funding.  

Possible Benefits:

  • Annual reporting
  • Annual fees approx $40 per year

Voluntary dissolution : 12 votes, unanimous.

Vote to voluntarily dissolve society S00217 or decide to let dissolve. According to BC Registrars office if the Societey has no assets or liabilities it can just dissolve. If no annual reporting is filed then the society will dissolve.

  • Past PAC events (since last meeting) (2 min)
    • October Snack Shack ($135 in sales, $25 expenses)
  • Current and near-future PAC events (20 min)  
    • Fundscrip – orders with cheque or cash due this Wednesday, Nov 21st
    • Direct email to go out via PAC Newsletter
    • Bottle Drive Dec 1st. Donations can be dropped off at school during the Boys & Girls Club Pancake breakfast. If you cannot attend, drop off at school by 12pm. Bottle s will be picked up by 1pm.
    • Kristine will get copy of last years
    • Christmas Market donations now being accepted. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED. DONATIONS FOR RAFFLE NEEDED. Schedule for set-up, event and take down to be published by end of week. (Kristine) 5 min  
    • Raffle items needed, someone needs to go around.
    • arrange times for after hours so volunteers can come do sorting of items
    • Friday and Monday are set up. and next day until 12 to set up.
    • will keep with same schedule as last year.
    • BAKE SALE: grade 7’s doing again. Kristine will check with Jodie.
    • Clayton- will take on the money, floats, aprons, etc.
    • Snack Shack Nov 21
    • Cash for Clothes (bags sent home Dec 17, pick up Jan 11)
    • Need staplers and baggers
    • Spring Fling April 27th date secured. Need a Sponsorship Lead Volunteer and one page sponsorship package outlining levels, benefits and recognition to be ready to go for January.


  • Class Reps
    • Determine Lead Volunteer to execute recruitment and distribute info
    • Tamara did up document, can send out. needs tweaking. Anne will forward to the teachers.
    • Reps in place in January to prepare for Spring Fling in April. Other duties will be outlined in a one pager (Tamara to prepare).


  • P. I. E. – Parents for Inclusive Education Update (5min)
    • Partners for Inclusive Education (PIE) initiative which is set to begin in January 2019 for Windsor Family of Schools families.  Will be hosted in the library at Lynnmour Elementary School 6.15-8.15pm on the following dates:


      • January 9th the Guest speaker will be Vince White)
      • February 6th (The Guest speaker will be Jeremy Church)
      • March 6th (The Guest speaker will be Karen Delong)


  • Q&A
  • next PAC meeting: January 16th * Exec PAC meeting Dec 10th
  • Adjournment 8:00pm