Meeting Minutes – AGM, June 12th

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PAC AGM Minutes – June 12, 2017 @ 6pm


  • Welcome (1min)
  • “Involving Everyone in Promoting Health at School” – presentation lead by Helen Yeung, dietitian from Coastal Health (30 minutes) Jennifer & Mandy have offered to further facilitate some of the ideas raised and the PAC are keen to work on embracing some of the ideas presented. – Thank you for organising Mandy!


  • Welcome to new arrivals (1 min)
  • Approval of agenda (1 min) Approved
  • Approval of Minutes of last meeting (2 min) Approved


  • Principal’s report (20 min) See seperate post
  • Treasurer’s report (15 min) See seperate post
  • PAC annual report (10 min) See seperate post


  • Past events (5 min)
    • Fundscrip – 1 campaign only for 2017/18
    • Kindergarten Orientation
    • Fun Day – Very successful – Thank you
    • Windsor Graduation Ceremony – Karen attended, Thank you and photos are on the way
    • Staff Appreciation Lunch – Thank you from the staff
    • Urban Safari Day – largely very well received but 2 parent complaints & report from SPCA.


  • Upcoming events ( 2 min)
    • Colour Me RAD Run – June 18 – still open to register for Lynnmour Team
    • Play date in the park – One on a Saturday, One on a weekday evening and one during the day mid week -final dates TBC


  • Constitution Changes: Vote (15 min) – Changes in wording made to reflect queries raised by parent regarding PAC advocating for parents, then unanimously approved
  • Approval of next year’s budget – Updated to reflect the wishlist received during the meeting from Admin .  All items approved although our budgeted income does not currently cover all $13050 requested although we, the PAC would love to be able to accommodate every item if fundraising is successful enough.
  • Wishlist items –
  • Classroom funds ($150.00) for each enrolling and non enrolling teacher (9 divisions, plus Library, Learning Support, Music = $1800)
  • Request from Speech and Language Pathologist for $150 to supplement SLP program
  • $2400.00 to maintain 3 performances per year (approx. $5.00 per student per performance)
  • $500.00 for Library books
  • $1700 for 5 tennis lessons per student during 2017-2018 school year (lessons taught by certified tennis instructor)
  • $5000.00 each year for next 3 years to begin replacement of ipads / implementation of laptops – our current ipads are 5 years old and can’t be upgraded or supported any longer
  • $500.00 PAC support of the Emergency Bin and Supplies (starting 2018-2019 school year as we’ve been approved to collect $5.00 per student for 2017-2018 school year)
  • $1000.00 to replace outdated science equipment


Total request – $13,050

  • Elena has offered to assist with some graphic design/branding for the PAC website.  We will attempt to hold a meeting before the end of term to discuss.
  • Nominations for new Members at Large (and votes)  (5 min)Welcome Stephanie and Elena!
  • Adjournment

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