PAC Meeting Minutes Jan 15th

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PAC Meeting Minutes – January 15th, 2017

(about 1 hour)

  • Welcome to our new Principal and to all attendees!


  • Principal’s Introduction (15 min) – See separate Admin report
  • Treasurer’s Report (10 min) – This was Al’s last PAC Meeting as Treasurer – thank you for all you have done for the PAC Al!


  • Past PAC events (since last meeting) (5 min)
    • Bottle Drive – Cancelled due to lack of volunteers but $40 was made from already collected bottles and donated money.
    • Christmas Market – Approx $2000 made – Huge thank you to everyone who volunteered, donated and participated in this popular event!
    • Cash 4 Clothes – $260 raised


  • Current and near-future PAC events (15 min)
    • babysitter training for grade 6/7 – Currently in progress
    • BCTF presentation – TBC – Regan assisting with contact
    • Spring Fling – Dan, Regan, Roxanna and Katie to start preliminaries including checking availability of venue (April 27th, proposed date) and volunteers needed.
    • Upcoming presentations / meetings – Earthquake Preparedness Talk Jan 17th, Screenagers Feb 13th


  • continued discussion item from last meeting (15 min)
    • Concrete Ideas collected and taken under advisement
    • Decision to remove popcorn on the upcoming Snack Shack and look into the feasability of new suggestions.


  • more Q&A


  • next PAC meeting: February 19th, 2018
    • with Trustee Liaison for Lynnmour, Cyndi Gerlach


  • Adjournment

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