PAC Meeting Minutes Sept 10 2018

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PAC Meeting Minutes – Mon, Sept 10, 2018

  • Welcome (4 min)

16 present, round table intro

  • Approval of agenda (1 min)
  • Approval of minutes of last meeting (2 min)

Principal’s report (20 min)

See Lynnmour school website full report

Treasurer’s report- Roxanna

Balance                                   $2020.40

Monies expected                    $4000.00 (per student funds, used for performances, buses, etc)

Activity Fund                           $9750.36

Per class room                        $1350 (to be disbursed for LAC, SLP, library, music)

*only funds spend so far was for Welcome Greeting (coffee & fruit)

Recent Events (2 min)

  • Playdates in the park
    • Saturday, July 7, 2018 – Didn’t run due to rain
    • Saturday, August 11, 2018 – good turnout of families and children

Upcoming Events (25 min)

  • PAC Snack Shack
    • Wed, September 19
    • Wed, October 17

Reviewed that Alena would be taking this over. Items to have available to be discussed after we reach out to her. Also, “special” item that gets rotated.

  • FundScrip- advertise in Newsletter calling for a volunteer to take this over
  • Improv club? Brought up by an attendee. Add this to the school? Supports Vancouver theatre sports. More info needed, to review at next meeting
  • Fun Day (May 19th)
  • Holiday Season Raffle- (Zennia) she will come up with some ideas and present at next meeting. Idea would be to have raffle baskets or items that would help with those entertaining for the holiday season or just holiday themed? Approach local businesses to donate items
  • Check run- Eva mentioned the idea of this after presenting sample to the group earlier in August. Something to consider if done appropriately
  • Art display at Christmas concert- parents to bid? Idea to revisit
  • ADD Donation footer to the newsletter, link to CashOnline for tax receipt.
  • Volunteers needed. Add to newsletter. Create google form for those who want to sign up. Danielle will create
  • Add Norvan schedule to newsletter


  • Other business (9 min)
    • Planning for 2018-19- Schedule for the year prepped in advance
    • THANKS! To Mandy for efforts as Kindie Concierge
    • Volunteers needed:
  • PAC Kitchen cleanout – Karen and Tamara
  • Welcome Back Family Pizza Night- form completed for distribution
  • Fresh slice closed at LV, consider Lonsdale or Papa Johns

Upcoming PAC Meeting Date (1 min)

  • Monday, October 15, 6:30-7:30, Staff Room or Library (babysitting provided)