Meeting Minutes November 27th

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PAC Meeting Minutes – November 27, 2017

(about 1 hour)


Present – PAC Chair – Karen Wonneberger

Vice Chair – Roxanna Smallwood

Treasurer – Al Young

Secretary – Katie Pettit

Principal – Kelly La Rue

Vice Principal – Angela Meule

Member at Large – Gillian Young

Judith Hradsky,Mandy Young, Gloria Hachey, Daphne Deas


Principal’s Report (20 min)

Treasurer’s Report (5 min)

PAC website / vote on logo proposal (5 min) – Unanimously voted to adopt the new logo – Thank you Elena!

Past PAC events (since last meeting) (2 min)

Fundscrip – almost $400 raised so far

performance: Theatre Sports – A big success

Current and near-future PAC events (15 min)

Bottle Drive – Only 2 volunteers so far for the event, email sent to Jess at Boys & Girls Club to see if anyone there can assist and another email sent to parents.

babysitter training for grade 6/7 – January 19th proposed but not suitable for the school, Preference for it to be held during class time.

BCTF presentation – TBC

Christmas Market

donation sorting – Thank you Judith, all seems to be on track with some great items to sell

new booklet “All about the Lynnmour Holiday Market” – Thank you Kristine for this very helpful document

advertising/posters – New posters have been created – Thank you Kristine

bake sale – awaiting confirmation from Ms Schafer as to whether the Grade 7’s want to run, if not we have a parent volunteer who would like to run it.

raffle – Thank you to Sarita for collecting donations and to Chris for running the raffle on the day.

teacher/staff basket – Representatives from each class will collect $1 donations from each student to go into a basket available to only staff & teachers. All will get a complimentary ballot but may purchase more if they choose. Reps are: Ms Schafers class – Karen, Mr Y – Julie, Ms Carpino – Mandy, Ms Zander – Judith, Ms Harrington – Daphne. Karen will try to find reps for the other divisions.

donations – Set-up and Day-of volunteers sheet to be posted next week.

new discussion items (10 min)

PAC Snack Shack menu – Issue raised by a parent regarding the menu items sold and whether they follow nutritional guidelines. Also suggested to run the Snack Shack after school at 2:40 or to sell non food items. PAC have asked for a list of items the parent would like removed and a list of replacement items. The PAC will send out a survey to all parents to gather feedback.

more Q&A

next PAC meeting: January 15th, 2018



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