PAC Meeting Minutes Sept 9 2019

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PAC Meeting Agenda 

September 9, 2019

Chair: Roxanna Smallwood

Location: Lynnmour Elementary Library

Time: 6:30pm to 7:30pm

  • Welcome (3 min)
    • introduction of people attending the meeting, many new kindergarten parents in attendance. 
  • Approval of June PAC Meeting Minutes (2 min)
    • Eva, Regan, Zennia
  • Principal’s Report (20 min) 
    • New Principal, Cindy Hudson, 207 students enrolled at 2019/2020 school year.
    • ministry of transportation
    • minimal work during pick up drop off
    • re-paved Keith road by October
    • Superintendent visit on Thursday Sept 12th from 9-11. PAC members are welcome to attend.
  • Treasurer’s Report (5 min)
    • Highlights – big fundraising events
    • Intro of activity account and gaming account to new kindergarten parents
  • Recent PAC events (2 min)
    • Playdates in the School Park  
      • Saturday, August 10th 10-noon 

Successful event, 7 new kindergarteners

  • Saturday, August 24th 10-noon
  • Welcome Coffee and Scones/fruit
  • Planning for 2019-20 (8 min)
    • Bus and field trips
      • Mr. Best Request – approved full request amount for busses, intermediate students gr 4,5,6,7 = 102 students to Museum of Anthropology, total amount of $1.147. Discussion re busses funding for next year. 
      • Kindergarten Pumpkin Patch – approved
    • Welcome Back Dinner
      • Order forms to go home by Wednesday
      • volunteers needed
      • open house/ classrooms for 15 mins at 5pm
      • Principal will introduce all teachers to parents during the dinner
      • Introduction of class rep position
    • Snack Shack
      • Change of date for the first one – new date Sept 25th?
    • Babysitters Course
      • Need a champion for this event 
      • Lead will be Amanda (and Tara offered to help as well).
    • Performances
      • Booked two for this year
    • FundScrip
      • led by Zennia intro to new attending parents – how does FundScrip work.
      • Lorena advised about app Flip Gift – new ideas for fundraising
    • Bottle Drive
      • Regan?
      • date might move to November 30th
      • Regan to confirm with Boys and girls club that it’s ok for them to change the date for Breakfast with Santa to November 30th.
      • Zennia to update on account number at Recycling Depot
    • Christmas Market
      • Moving date earlier
      • changing date to December 10th (Tuesday) to accomodate Mr. Turco request to have more time to prepare for Christmas Concert. Change of the date of Christmas Concert to December 19th.
      • Kristine Chambers to lead Christmas Market project, explanations to new kindergarten parents tradition of Christmas Market at Lynnmour school
    • Cash 4 Clothes
      • To coincide with the Christmas Market
      • pick up date TBD
  • Spring Fling
    • Likely April 25
  • Fun Day
  • Teacher appreciation luncheon
  • Future PAC events (15 min)  
    • Welcome Back Dinner
      • School Open House
      • Meet the teachers
      • Volunteers needed
      • Order forms
    • Snack Shack 
      • Menu guidelines
  • Classroom Representatives (10 min)
    • See draft letter attached
  • Zennia (5 min)
  • PAC letter to parents celebrating our contributions to the school including cheque drive (10 min)
  • Q&A (5 min)
  • next PAC meeting: Monday, October 7th, 2019,  6:30-7:30pm
  • Adjournment