Admin Report 13/06/17

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Thank you to our PAC!!

  • Students loved the pizza lunch and treats supplied at FUN day
  • Students and staff loved our Annual Run and Roll – thanks Koach Kristine!
  • Students loved the “Urban Safari”
  • Staff are very thankful for the appreciation lunch


Staff Updates for 2017-2018

There are no changes to the administration team for next year – we are both thrilled to be working another year here and another year together!


We are currently hiring for 4 positions – a K/1, a 5/6, Library/VP Relief/ ELL and an Administrative Assistant. The 5/6 class is a new division to help comply with the new contractual obligations.


Please join me in thanking and honouring the work of Diane Arbez (current gr. 1) and Suzanne Postle (admin assistant) as they look forward to their retirement. Their dedication to Lynnmour and to our students is what makes this a great school to be at. Ms Arbez and Mrs. Postle will be greatly missed by all! Congratulations on your retirement!


With heavy hearts, we also say goodbye to Ms. Conn (counselor returning to Ross Road), Mrs. Blewman (LST/ELL/VP relief- accepted a position at Carrisbrooke), Ms. Nairn and Mrs. Dorsey (EA’s – both on temporary assignments). We thank you for your unconditional support of our students and wish you well in your new assignments.


Student Self Assessment Sheets and Report Cards

An important aspect of learning is understanding and being able to reflect on our growth. On June 9th, your child(ren) brought home a self reflection sheet of their learning over in one core competency area learned this year. It’s important that you take some time to discuss their growth – what they’ve learned about – and what can be improved upon.


Final report cards will be posted to the portal by noon, Wednesday, June 28, 2017. Parents are reminded to save and print their child’s report card as the reports are removed on July 31, 2017 as part of the provincial year-end roll over procedure.


Summer Guardians for our school and gardens

Please make an effort to keep a watchful eye out for our school this summer. Feel free to drive by, come by on your bikes, or walk over to make sure our school stays free from graffiti, or vandalism. In the event of suspicious behavior or vandalism, please contact the RCMP. Thank you for keeping a watchful eye on our school! If you have a moment, feel free to keep our gardens free of weeds and bring a bucket of water to make sure our plants continue to grow! Thanks!


Congratulations to our Athletes!

Please join me in congratulating our 6 intermediate students who made it to Swangard this year! Competing against all North Vancouver schools, Bella placed 7th in 100m (200m), Diego placed 4th in 100m, Tyler placed 3rd in 100m, 1st in shot put, 5th in long jump and 8th in high jump, Cam placed 7th in long jump, Alex placed 9th in shot put and Maile placed 8th Congratulations to our kids and thank you to our coaches!


Bell Schedule

There will be a slight change to our bell schedule for next year. Doors will open after 8:30 (earlier for clubs), with the first bell going at 8:40. Recess is 10:25-10:40, Lunch is 12:00-12:25 (play first) 12:25-12:48 (eating time) and 2:40 dismissal. An additional 3 minutes will be added to the “eating” time of lunch to comply with ministry collective agreement requirements of “minutes in session”.


Attendance focus for 2017-2018

A continued school focus for next year will be on attendance, including arriving on time and being prepared to learn.


Reminders from last month:


School Fees for 2017-2018 school year


Lynnmour fees for 2016-2017 will be:

  • $40.00 School Supply Fee (K-7) due now
  • $5.00 Emergency Fee (K-7), due in September
  • Agenda books $6.00 (gr. 2-7) due in September


Outdoor School and Skw’une-was (Bighouse) fees:

  • 4 day Gr. 6 ODS program is $255.00
  • Gr. 3 Skw’une-was (Bighouse) is $120.00.
  • grade Outdoor School Program will cost $180.00.


Just a reminder that there are no grants or subsidies available for Outdoor school or Skw’une-was (Bighouse).  Once dates have been confirmed, Lynnmour can accept installments or pre-dated cheques to help with managing the fee.




Approved School Calendar for 2017-2018

Please see the school district website for the complete calendar (

We have posted the 2017-2018 calendar to our website.


Standing Information Items:


Lynnmour’s School Handbook and School Plan

A copy of our handbook and current School Plan is available on our website. A condensed version of our handbook is located in the front of the student agendas.


School Calendar 2017

June 15 Year End Awards and Slide Show presentation 1:15

June 27 Grade 7 Farewell 1:30

June 28 Last day of school 2:40 dismissal

June 29 Lynnmour School Pro Day

June 30 Administration Day







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