Admin Report September 18th

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New Information Items:

Thank you to our PAC!!

  • For organizing the Welcome coffee and fruit for new Kindie families
  • For organizing our Welcome Back Pizza night

Fall Bulletin

Was sent to parents this afternoon – please see this bulletin for staff updates, and themes for this year.

Change in date for Terry Fox Run

The Terry Fox Run will be held on Friday, September 29 at 1:30 NOT Thursday the 28th as previously noted. All are welcome to attend. If you’d like to volunteer, please contact Mrs. Jensen or Ms. Meule.

Online Forms

We are pleased to announce that four parent consent forms are officially available via School Cash Online. We kindly request all parents/guardians to login, fill out the forms and submit before September 21, 2017. Click here:

School Fees for 2017-2018 school year

Lynnmour fees for 2016-2017 will be:

  • $40.00 School Supply Fee (K-7) due now
  • $5.00 Emergency Fee (K-7), due now
  • Agenda books $6.00 (gr. 2-7) due now

Outdoor School and Skw’une-was (Bighouse) fees:

  • November 14-17th Gr. 6 ODS program is $255.00
  • June 13th -14th Gr. 3 Skw’une-was (Bighouse) is $120.00.
  • February 28 – March 2 Grade 4 Outdoor School Program will cost $180.00.

Just a reminder that there are no grants or subsidies available for Outdoor school or Skw’une-was (Bighouse). Lynnmour will accept postdated cheques. Please contact the main office if you are in need of financial assistance.

Food Access Program and Hot Lunches

We are pleased to be able to provide daily fresh fruit and vegetables for all students through our Food Access Program, which is now in its third year at Lynnmour. Along with the daily Food Access program, we continue to provide a monthly Fruit and Dairy program, funded by the BC Dairy Farmers Association. In addition to these programs, we also provide cereal (Cheerios or Oatmeal) for students who forgot to have breakfast or for those needing a little extra boost.

A big thank you goes to Marc Keith for providing bread from Cobb’s Bakery on Thursday’s…. this is turned into hot cheese bread (weekly or every other week) which has become a big hit with the students.

Recently, some concerns have been expressed by a couple of parents, regarding the optional hot lunch items we provide to families each Wednesday of the month. There are Canada food guidelines set out for schools to follow, and I am proud to let our families know that items from the “always” category (fresh fruit / vegetables) are provided to all students every day – free of charge. Four years ago, the staff at Lynnmour recognized the need for healthier food access for so many of our students. Too many were coming to school without breakfast or an adequate, healthy lunch. A proposal for a food program was made by the Lynnmour Administration and we were granted the funds to become the pilot school for the “Food Access Program.” This program has been extremely successful and in now implemented in each school (high school and elementary) in North Vancouver.

Some of the hot lunch options we provide fall in the “sometimes” category which is why they are only offered once per month. These items are all optional, and if they do not fit with your dietary restrictions or your family’s health plan, please do not feel obligated to purchase the Wednesday lunch items. Please feel free to send additional food items to supplement your child’s lunch if needed.

We have made great strides in the past 5 years with regard to healthy eating and the promotion of more fruits and vegetables. Gone are the days when children show up with a bag of Dorito’s and a can of pop for breakfast. We encourage each child to have a re-usable water bottle and have banned the option of pop or energy drinks in student lunches. We also encourage families to monitor the number of “prepackaged” “lunchables” they send to school, as these foods are often high in sodium. I’m really encouraged by the number of families showing an interest in healthy, nutritious lunches for their children.  Here is a link to an article that I sent to teachers in July saying that the Canada food guide is getting a much-needed overhaul – gone are the traditional “food groups” including milk! All Canadians are asked to participate in a feedback session ….

Included below is the link to the Canada Food guide for your information (remember of course…this is in the process of being updated!)

As well, this past June, Helen Yeung, Dietitian presented at the PAC mtg, and would be more than happy to help answer questions for any families should you require additional nutrition support:

Approved School Calendar for 2017-2018

Please see the school district website for the complete calendar (

We have posted the 2017-2018 calendar to our website.

Standing Information Items:

Lynnmour’s School Handbook and School Plan

A copy of our handbook and current School Plan is available on our website. A condensed version of our handbook is located in the front of the student agendas.

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